Fright Night (Gillespie, 2011)

I'll go ahead and burn your cross now if that's okay with you


Vampires are kind of the trendy thing right now. With the likes of Twilight and True Blood being probably the most popular of these recent vampire arrivals in pop culture. Now I hate Twilight and liked True Blood for a while. As a big fan of all things vampire I was excited to see the amazing Marti Noxon attached to pen the remake of the very fun and campy eighties vampire romp Fright Night. This particular remake is part of the rare club of remakes that are better than the original. This pleases me.

The first thing that Fright Night does right is the tone. It is so perfectly in line with today’s world and also feels like a bizzaro Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. This is probably because of Noxon whose character driven humor and warped sexuality come out in spades here. Besides the wonderful script though we have what is essentially the best portrayal of a vampire in a very long time. Marti Noxon said she wanted to hearken back to the days of the scary vampire. Not the brooding loner romantic. She wanted her vampire to have more in common with the shark from Jaws than the gloomy lovesick vampires that have overpopulated our world of cinema these past couple years. In one sense this is a film that rebels against the world that was created in Twilight. And I say good job. The irony here though is that without the success of Twilight this film probably never happens.

But enough of the world of vampire mythology in recent media. Onto the Fright Night. What makes Fright Night work is the blend of dark humor and believable suspense. Colin Farrell plays Jerry the Vampire and he is probably my favorite villain of the year. He’s a menace. He has one real objective and that is to feed. He does it as often as he likes and he doesn’t care if he gets into trouble. He’ll eat the cops if he has to. His relentless bloodlust is played out terrifically in action sequences that at time hearken back to the days of Terminator 2. Mr. Craig Gillespie is not really known for his work in either genre films or action, his most famous film being Lars and the Real Girl, but he is quite the craftsman of both solid action and well played suspense.

Fright Night is a gem. I had worries going into this because of the trailer that in my opinion was a mess in terms of tone but in the capable hands of Craig Gillespie, Marti Noxon and, these fine actors (most notably David Tennant, Colin Farrell, Imogen Poots and Anton Yelchin) comes what is my favorite horror comedy since Shaun of the Dead. It barely cracks my top ten of the year, and it probably won’t stay but I think this will be a film I go back to quite often. Loads of fun. Go watch it.

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Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character: Amy Madison


Once again I have left all of you without a post for a week. Because that is what all great writers do. They get lazy and then they come back to a project whenever they are bored or it is insisted upon by a good friend. In this case Trevor James Dobbin. Yes I used his full name. And yes you should look him up on facebook or whatever because the guy is awesome. He is my Tara. But ya know not in a sexual way just kind of a we are awesome friends sort of way. :/

Onto the character hatred. Warning spoilerage aplenty. Amy Madison is a character I had absolutely no problems with until around Season Six. Bitch fucked with my Willow and now she is dead to me. She joined forces with the evil misogynist Warren and created the worst possible team of baddies for Willow to face. HATE THEM SO MUCH. Would it be fair to say that my hatred of Amy and Warren stems from my love of Willow and Tara? Probably. Tara and Willow mean so much to me that my hatred for Amy and Warren would indeed be just as strong.

The biggest problem I have with Amy though is what she did to Willow in Season Seven in the episode The Killer in Me. Also in my opinion the most painful forty minutes in the history of television.

To put it quite simply SHE IS EVIL I HOPE SHE DIES GRRRRRR. Same can be said for Warren. GRRRRRRRR

I liked her better as a rat.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge Day 3: Favorite Female Character


She's so adorabs

Hello all my faithful readers. First let me just say sorry for not updating as frequently as I would like. I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE BLOGGING WORLD! Yeah probably not true but still laziness is a virtue that I hold dearly. Today’s challenge asks us all to identify our favorite female character. This is one of the more insane tasks for any fan of the show to do because you have just so many amazing characters to choose from. There is Willow, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Tara, Faith, Dawn, Joyce, Glory, and Xander. Because we all know Xander is one of the girls as Buffy would proudly proclaim in the Season 1 episode Witch. Yes, that was me showing my amazing Buffy knowledge. I’m such a nerd. sigh.

Well I’m going to be completely honest this was one of the easier choices for me personally because out of all the characters on Buffy only one has my heart and that is Willow Rosenberg. From the first episode I fell in love. She is exactly the type of girl I love to watch on shows and the type of girl I usually fall for in television. Most guys my age go for the girl with the most typical looking hot girl features and looks. I always fall for a girl with brains who is sort of shy and geeky, and Willow is just that. She stole my heart from the first episode.

I could go into great detail of all the things that would end up happening to Willow like the whole witchcraft, wishverse vampire hijinks (is that how you spell that word? I guess so), sexuality exploration, and her beautiful rainbow backpack. However I will abstain from going into sentence after sentence of detail on Willow because we all should know all the things that happen to our favorite witch on the show, and if you don’t know then what are you waiting for!

To be very blunt ❤ Willow forever and ever because in love and such.

oh and if you are reading this Alyson Hannigan. Please marry me and such or ya know would kindly take an autograph or something. Luv u.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge: Day 2: Favorite Song from “Once More With Feeling”

"I touch the fire and it freezes me"


Day of 2 of the EPIC Buffy the Vampire Slayer challenge involves every Scoobies favorite musical ever Once More with Feeling. This also happens to be Lorne’s favorite episode of the series. The challenge asks you to select your favorite song from this perfect episode, and that is an almost impossible task. How can you pick a favorite when there are so many great songs to pick from?! We have the Xander-Anya old fashioned petrifying romantic tune of I’ll Never Tell, the breakaway pop-hit Under Your Spell, and the rousing battle cry Walk Through the Fire! How can anyone select a favorite? Well, I kind of flipped a quarter, and my winner was Walk Through the Fire. What was my other selection you ask? Well, that was Spike’s rocking number Rest in Peace. So you can see why I had such a hard time picking a song.

Walk Through the Fire is narrowly my favorite song from this episode. I think the main reason why it stands out is the feeling of isolation the song starts out with and turns into a togetherness battle cry. It’s so perfectly Whedon. Yes, using Whedon as a verb is a stroke of writing genius. Plus it has a perfect Willow moment in an episode that features little of our favorite Witch. I think this lines mostly filler.

In closing it’s a perfect song. The prelude to the final moment. The rising action. The togetherness. The way everyone ends up singing together. Whedongasms shall be had. Also Firetrucks. Let it burn.

"We'll see it though, it's what we're always here to do"


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge: Day 1: Favorite Season

Glory: Season Five's Big Bad

*warning: Spoiler things ahead.

Day 1 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer challenge asks fans to select their favorite season of the show, and if you are as big a fan as I am it’s near impossible. After debating between seasons four and five I decided to pick season five as my favorite season. There are a lot of reasons why I picked this season as my favorite. The main reason though is that it’s quality is simply above the rest.

Introducing a child actor to a popular television series is often considered a jumping the shark moment, and some consider it just that when Joss Whedon and crew introduced Dawn Summers into this season of Buffy. The introduction of Dawn had many viewers wanting answers. How did we not know Buffy had a sister? Where was she these four years? This is ridiculous Mr. Whedon and I am offended. Well it is kind of ridiculous but it’s a show about vampires dude. All of these questions are later answered when we find out that Dawn is the key. The key is a mystical energy that was transformed by Monks into Buffy Summers younger bratty sister Dawn Summers. The monks used an essence of Buffy to create what would be the key’s human form. Each person Buffy was acquainted with became aware of Dawn through transplanted memories. But why did they need to protect the key? What was the big deal with this mystical energy anyway?

Glory was the big deal. Glory was revealed to be an exiled God from a demonic dimension searching for a way to both leave her human body and return to the universe she ruled, and she can only do this with the key. So here we have our major conflict. Buffy versus a God, and there lies what makes this season stand above the rest. Buffy would later go on to face the first evil in Season Seven, and that may have been her hardest opponent, but my favorite conflict in all of the series was the Scooby Gang verses Glory.

What I did not mention earlier in this entry is that there are many sub-plots in this season which further fuel my love for the show. Willow falls deeply in love with Tara bringing about one of, if not the first really well done Lesbian relationship in primetime television. Spike falls in love with Buffy, and he hates himself for it. Anya and Xander form a very dysfunctional relationship. Giles opens a magic shop, and Joyce Summers would die of a brain aneurysm, and the show would be forever changed for the better because of these plots that the writers brought up this season.

Season Five is probably my favorite season in all of television along with Season Five of Six Feet Under, the first season of Firefly and Season Four of The Wire. It’s rare when I think something is truly perfect and Season Five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is just that, perfect.

Favorite Episodes of Season Five

  • The Body: Written and Directed by Joss Whedon
  • Tough Love: Written by Rebecca Kirshner and Directed by David Grossman
  • Spiral: Written by Steven DeKnight and Directed by James A. Contner
  • The Weight of the World: Written by Douglas Petrie and Directed by David Solomon
  • The Gift: Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

The Body

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer! 30 Days of Slayage

Best Show Ever!

So as I have stated before I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer superfan. I’ll watch anything even closely related to the series and over the next 30 days I am going to be doing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer 30 Day challenge. I totally stole this from the Welcome to the Hellmouth tumblr and slightly modified it to my liking. So here are the guidelines. There are going to be 30 entries, duh, about various things such as my favorite season, favorite episode, most hated character, best Spike Moments, Willow and Tara forevs ❤ ❤ ❤ and other things that any person who has watched Pangs forty times could talk about. Here we go, tomorrow will be the first day of said challenge. It may take me longer than 30 days to complete this challenge but it shall be done!

Here is the challenge in case anyone else wants to steal it and do the same thing I’m doing. So for all of my potentials out there reading. Enjoy.

  1. Day 1: Favorite Season
  2. Day 2: Favorite Song in Once More With Feeling
  3. Day 3: Favorite Female Character
  4. Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character
  5. Day 5: Favorite Male Character
  6. Day 6: Least Favorite Male Character
  7. Day 7: Favorite Friendship
  8. Day 8: Favorite Romance
  9. Day 9: Least Favorite Romance
  10. Day 10: Least Favorite Season
  11. Day 11: Least Favorite Episode
  12. Day 12: Favorite Potential Slayer
  13. Day 13: Favorite Female Villain
  14. Day 14: Favorite Male Villain
  15. Day 15: Episode you Like that Everyone Else Hates
  16. Day 16: Character you related to the most
  17. Day 17: Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time
  18. Day 18: Under Appreciated Character
  19. Day 19: Favorite Spike Moments
  20. Day 20: Favorite Willow Themed Episode
  21. Day 21: Celebrating the Zeppo: Favorite Xander Themed episode
  22. Day 22: Favorite Angel/Angelus themed episode
  23. Day 23: Romance you wish would have happened
  24. Day 24: Favorite Monster of the Week Episode
  25. Day 25: Favorite SlayerSlang
  26. Day 26: Favorite Scooby Moment
  27. Day 27: Funniest Episode
  28. Day 28: The Joss Whedon Trademark: Most Heartbreaking episode
  29. Day 29: Favorite Episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  30. Day 30: What does Buffy Mean to You?
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Chance (Amber Benson, 2002)

Title Card!

Faithful readers I bring to you once again an amazing piece of writing. This time around I am giving you all my opinion on Chance. Once again we have an Amber Benson starring role. Thankfully this time around the film is not shit. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that the amazing Benson wrote and directed this film. If you know anything about Ms. Benson then you know that she has always been a writer and that really comes through here with this amazingly witty black comedy. Chance takes just about everything I normally love from a comedy and reinforces it. We have the lovely bi sexual girl, the confused man in love with his best friend and the crush on a person who turns out to be gay. Some may find this to be a bit cliché in today’s world of indie romance and ideas but Benson brings all of these storylines home greatly and what we have is one of the best films that any Buffy alumni has taken part in.

Like I said in the previous paragraph Chance is a romantic ensemble comedy written and directed by Amber Benson. I generally like romantic comedies, because I am a hopeless romantic looking for love myself and one of my few escapes is watching some poor sap fall in love while I’m at home on a Friday night with a bag of Oreos. My life is amazing. Chance isn’t a typical film of this genre though, because Amber Benson fucks with the typical tropes of a romantic comedy and turns everything a bit dark and a bit insane. It’s kind of a like how Brenda from Six Feet Under would make a movie.

Let’s get onto my gushing about the film though shall we. What I truly love about Chance is the humor. James Marsters (SPIKE OMAHGAWD) plays what has to be one of the funniest characters in romantic comedy history. Yes, I know that hyperbole is awesome. He struts around the house like a loveless puppy and I love every minute of it. Chance (Benson) is trying to find love. She’s sexually active with both guys and girls looking for what one would call a soulmate. However, Chance doesn’t realize she is living with an awesome guy. An albeit stinky one but still a pretty awesome guy.

The film also takes on this familial comedy element where there is a divorce taking place. Also paralleling Chance’s disillusionment of the idea of love. One of the more memorable scenes in the motion picture takes place when Chance’s mom suggests she live with her daughter until the divorce is finalized. Also James Marsters is in drag in this scene :).  The whole family drama isn’t quite as well written as the Simon (Marsters) and Chance best friend’s who reject their love moments but it still brings about a nice change of pace. Did I mention that Lorne from Angel is in this movie? No? Well he plays a gay singer that Ms. Chance has a crush on. My favorite moment of the movie is the discussion between Simon and our gay singer. They discuss the ideas of love and Chance.

Chance isn’t the best film from a Buffy alumni but it’s one of the better ones made. I still think that TiMER and Southland Tales hold my top spot after going on this journey, but Chance is a film I’m glad I spent time with. It’s extremely witty and well written. Amber Benson shows loads of talent as a writer and director of comedy. It’s really a shame she never got the opportunity to write or direct any episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think she would have given the series a very unique set of episodes. Chance is certainly worth anyone’s time. Especially fans of the Buffyverse.


Amber Benson is so pretty.

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