Chance (Amber Benson, 2002)

Title Card!

Faithful readers I bring to you once again an amazing piece of writing. This time around I am giving you all my opinion on Chance. Once again we have an Amber Benson starring role. Thankfully this time around the film is not shit. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that the amazing Benson wrote and directed this film. If you know anything about Ms. Benson then you know that she has always been a writer and that really comes through here with this amazingly witty black comedy. Chance takes just about everything I normally love from a comedy and reinforces it. We have the lovely bi sexual girl, the confused man in love with his best friend and the crush on a person who turns out to be gay. Some may find this to be a bit cliché in today’s world of indie romance and ideas but Benson brings all of these storylines home greatly and what we have is one of the best films that any Buffy alumni has taken part in.

Like I said in the previous paragraph Chance is a romantic ensemble comedy written and directed by Amber Benson. I generally like romantic comedies, because I am a hopeless romantic looking for love myself and one of my few escapes is watching some poor sap fall in love while I’m at home on a Friday night with a bag of Oreos. My life is amazing. Chance isn’t a typical film of this genre though, because Amber Benson fucks with the typical tropes of a romantic comedy and turns everything a bit dark and a bit insane. It’s kind of a like how Brenda from Six Feet Under would make a movie.

Let’s get onto my gushing about the film though shall we. What I truly love about Chance is the humor. James Marsters (SPIKE OMAHGAWD) plays what has to be one of the funniest characters in romantic comedy history. Yes, I know that hyperbole is awesome. He struts around the house like a loveless puppy and I love every minute of it. Chance (Benson) is trying to find love. She’s sexually active with both guys and girls looking for what one would call a soulmate. However, Chance doesn’t realize she is living with an awesome guy. An albeit stinky one but still a pretty awesome guy.

The film also takes on this familial comedy element where there is a divorce taking place. Also paralleling Chance’s disillusionment of the idea of love. One of the more memorable scenes in the motion picture takes place when Chance’s mom suggests she live with her daughter until the divorce is finalized. Also James Marsters is in drag in this scene :).  The whole family drama isn’t quite as well written as the Simon (Marsters) and Chance best friend’s who reject their love moments but it still brings about a nice change of pace. Did I mention that Lorne from Angel is in this movie? No? Well he plays a gay singer that Ms. Chance has a crush on. My favorite moment of the movie is the discussion between Simon and our gay singer. They discuss the ideas of love and Chance.

Chance isn’t the best film from a Buffy alumni but it’s one of the better ones made. I still think that TiMER and Southland Tales hold my top spot after going on this journey, but Chance is a film I’m glad I spent time with. It’s extremely witty and well written. Amber Benson shows loads of talent as a writer and director of comedy. It’s really a shame she never got the opportunity to write or direct any episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think she would have given the series a very unique set of episodes. Chance is certainly worth anyone’s time. Especially fans of the Buffyverse.


Amber Benson is so pretty.

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5 Responses to Chance (Amber Benson, 2002)

  1. scifishiz says:

    Great review. I would love to see Chance. Did you find it on DVD? If so, where? I can’t find it anywhere!

  2. Bri says:

    I seriously LOVE this film. I came across it on YouTube and I’m in love. As a Buffyverse obsessed fan, I loved seeing my old buddies from Buffy, but even apart from that this film stands on its own as smart and witty and totally original. Go Amber, I LOVE YOU. I hope they release this on DVD very soon!

  3. Rebecca Ashling says:

    You can order “Chance” on DVD from Amber’s company Benson Entertainment. I got given it for Christmas and I loved the film 🙂

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