Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge: Day 1: Favorite Season

Glory: Season Five's Big Bad

*warning: Spoiler things ahead.

Day 1 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer challenge asks fans to select their favorite season of the show, and if you are as big a fan as I am it’s near impossible. After debating between seasons four and five I decided to pick season five as my favorite season. There are a lot of reasons why I picked this season as my favorite. The main reason though is that it’s quality is simply above the rest.

Introducing a child actor to a popular television series is often considered a jumping the shark moment, and some consider it just that when Joss Whedon and crew introduced Dawn Summers into this season of Buffy. The introduction of Dawn had many viewers wanting answers. How did we not know Buffy had a sister? Where was she these four years? This is ridiculous Mr. Whedon and I am offended. Well it is kind of ridiculous but it’s a show about vampires dude. All of these questions are later answered when we find out that Dawn is the key. The key is a mystical energy that was transformed by Monks into Buffy Summers younger bratty sister Dawn Summers. The monks used an essence of Buffy to create what would be the key’s human form. Each person Buffy was acquainted with became aware of Dawn through transplanted memories. But why did they need to protect the key? What was the big deal with this mystical energy anyway?

Glory was the big deal. Glory was revealed to be an exiled God from a demonic dimension searching for a way to both leave her human body and return to the universe she ruled, and she can only do this with the key. So here we have our major conflict. Buffy versus a God, and there lies what makes this season stand above the rest. Buffy would later go on to face the first evil in Season Seven, and that may have been her hardest opponent, but my favorite conflict in all of the series was the Scooby Gang verses Glory.

What I did not mention earlier in this entry is that there are many sub-plots in this season which further fuel my love for the show. Willow falls deeply in love with Tara bringing about one of, if not the first really well done Lesbian relationship in primetime television. Spike falls in love with Buffy, and he hates himself for it. Anya and Xander form a very dysfunctional relationship. Giles opens a magic shop, and Joyce Summers would die of a brain aneurysm, and the show would be forever changed for the better because of these plots that the writers brought up this season.

Season Five is probably my favorite season in all of television along with Season Five of Six Feet Under, the first season of Firefly and Season Four of The Wire. It’s rare when I think something is truly perfect and Season Five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is just that, perfect.

Favorite Episodes of Season Five

  • The Body: Written and Directed by Joss Whedon
  • Tough Love: Written by Rebecca Kirshner and Directed by David Grossman
  • Spiral: Written by Steven DeKnight and Directed by James A. Contner
  • The Weight of the World: Written by Douglas Petrie and Directed by David Solomon
  • The Gift: Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

The Body


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4 Responses to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge: Day 1: Favorite Season

  1. sleeplessghost says:

    I honestly could not make a decision about my favorite season, they all have their good parts and their bad parts and while all seasons are clearly Buffyesque, they’re still so different from each other that comparing them doesn’t feel quite right. But if you made me pick, I’d probably pick season 3 as my favorite season, because I felt like the season was the most consistent in terms of quality, even the monster of the week-episodes were not really bad. My least favorite season would probably be season 7, because it’s so plot-driven that the characters were neglected. When I first watched season six, it didn’t feel like Buffy to me, but now where I’ve made similiar experiences, I get that Joss intended for season six not to feel like your regular Buffy season.

  2. sleeplessghost, my thoughts exactly regarding choosing a favorite.

    Now, first let me defend myself ahead of time by explaining that I sometimes lean towards the not so obvious. While I can’t say I actually have a favorite season, when asked my mind seems to subconsciously scan my BTVS mental library and always brings this particular season to my conscious. I then laugh at the fact that I’m a weirdo. So. . . wait for it . . I have an odd attraction with season four. I know, I know. Stop laughing at me! Let me try to vindicate myself. First and foremost, there’s Hush. Creepy, scary, hysterical (seriously, the Buffy sign language gets me every time). Second, The I in Team. I can say this is one of my favorite episodes cause, well, it has one of the steamiest scenes I’ve ever seen. How Joss was able to get it that hot without crossing any lines is beyond me. Bravo, Joss. Bra-Vo. To this day I watch this ‘So. What do you wanna do now’ scene and it still gets me wide-eyed. Let’s get to the Big Bad of the season, Adam. I also roll my eyes but the reason for his being, his overall plan and the inevitable extinction of his being, to me, all had excellent explanations. Military testing, is it that far-fetched? Supercomputer/soldier/demon combining all that evolved knowledge and devising an awesome plan to take-over and, dare I say, be the catalyst of the next apocolypse? Very Buffyesque. Most important was the take-down. Buffy acknowledging the fact that her overall continued existence is because of her backup is an issue that I always wanted reiterated (along with the rest of the gang’s understanding that they could never actually understand what Buffy was going through). The combining of the Scooby Gang’s essences was poetic, worthy of being used to wrap up the series (if the series hadn’t gone down the Potentials way). Lastly, Restless. Combining essences doesn’t come without side effects and by putting the Gang in contact with the first slayer gave them a glimpse of Buffy’s own private demons. Also, I love the random guy with the cheese! I’ll stop rambling now. ; p

  3. willow55 says:

    Loved both comments. Season Four might be the funniest season. I’ve been rewatching all sorts of episodes from Season 4 recently for good times.

  4. Jane Bardo says:

    Lenore–you’re not weird for liking season four the most! “The Freshmen” was always one of my faves for some reason. I guess because I like it when Joss breaks Buffy down and she comes back stronger. “Restless” is also another fave along with “Beer Bad” and “Who Are You”.

    I would have to say my favorite season is six, though. I love the relationship between Buffy and Spike and the fact that Buffy shows that she makes mistakes and has a certain amount of self-loathing just like everybody else. This season really showed Buffy’s “realistic” side, which makes her heroism and big heart that much more admirable. I loved the fact that Buffy finally got a job, too, and that it was a really shitty one because, once again, it makes her easier to identify with–she comes home smelling like grease just like everybody else her age!

    It was also her first full season with her mother and Giles was gone a lot as well so she was forced to figure things out on her own and build her own reliance on herself, despite the trauma of being forced out of “Heaven”.

    Episodes I particularly loved: “Once More With Feeling”, “Normal Again”, “Tabula Rasa”, “Smashed” <–super sexy, "Older and Far Away" "Bargaining, Pt. 2".

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