Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge Day 3: Favorite Female Character


She's so adorabs

Hello all my faithful readers. First let me just say sorry for not updating as frequently as I would like. I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE BLOGGING WORLD! Yeah probably not true but still laziness is a virtue that I hold dearly. Today’s challenge asks us all to identify our favorite female character. This is one of the more insane tasks for any fan of the show to do because you have just so many amazing characters to choose from. There is Willow, Anya, Buffy, Cordelia, Tara, Faith, Dawn, Joyce, Glory, and Xander. Because we all know Xander is one of the girls as Buffy would proudly proclaim in the Season 1 episode Witch. Yes, that was me showing my amazing Buffy knowledge. I’m such a nerd. sigh.

Well I’m going to be completely honest this was one of the easier choices for me personally because out of all the characters on Buffy only one has my heart and that is Willow Rosenberg. From the first episode I fell in love. She is exactly the type of girl I love to watch on shows and the type of girl I usually fall for in television. Most guys my age go for the girl with the most typical looking hot girl features and looks. I always fall for a girl with brains who is sort of shy and geeky, and Willow is just that. She stole my heart from the first episode.

I could go into great detail of all the things that would end up happening to Willow like the whole witchcraft, wishverse vampire hijinks (is that how you spell that word? I guess so), sexuality exploration, and her beautiful rainbow backpack. However I will abstain from going into sentence after sentence of detail on Willow because we all should know all the things that happen to our favorite witch on the show, and if you don’t know then what are you waiting for!

To be very blunt ❤ Willow forever and ever because in love and such.

oh and if you are reading this Alyson Hannigan. Please marry me and such or ya know would kindly take an autograph or something. Luv u.

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I live in Harlan Kentucky. The town made famous by the documentary Harlan County U.S.A. and the television show Justified. I feel as though I’m living in a universe where film doesn’t exist in Harlan where my only escape to cinema is through the internet and the one sanctuary Movies to Go. I became a cinephile in 2007 when I was 15. I’m now going on 20. I’ve dedicated these last five years to watching, reading and talking about movies. I write about film on the film website The Corrierino and I would describe my taste as modern romantic. I love all types of films but I tend to gravitate towards the more relationship driven works. I also have a sick love for horror films. I want to someday own an art house cinema. THE END
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3 Responses to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge Day 3: Favorite Female Character

  1. Jane Bardo says:

    I know this is totally boring, but I have to say Buffy is my favorite female character. It was a close call between her and Anya, but Buffy has to be one of the greatest female characters of all time. She’s brave, loving, self-sacrificing, strong, honest, fun, responsible, and confident. But at the same time she has a vulnerable side and she’s not the stereotypical super smart, super popular girl, which makes her easy to relate to. And I like the fact that she’s 5′ 3″ like me =)

    Cordelia was also awesome, but I liked her better in Angel. And although Anya is hilarious and I dig her whole vengeance against douchebags thing, she just doesn’t have that bigger-than-life quality that Buffy has. Whether she gets it from being “the chosen one” or if it’s just the way she is, it’s pretty incredible and something that I try to emulate. ❤ Buffy.

    • willow55 says:

      Great comment. Thanks for posting your opinion.

      Buffy has always been one of my favorite characters as well. I tend to relate a bit more to Willow which is another reason why I ended up choosing her.

      I also liked Cordelia more in Angel.

  2. Bri says:

    Willow is definitely my favorite Buffy character. I won’t go much more into it because you basically said it all. I fell in love with her from the start. To be honest I think that Joss lost his mind when he put Willow with Kennedy, especially so soon after Tara (who is a close second on my favorite females in the Buffy world) I absolutely adored Willow and Tara together, and I think it was inspired of Joss to show the loss of Tara and the grief Willow felt. (Even if if it depressed the hell out of me!) But it should have ended there. Basically I hate Kennedy. Not to mention there just wasn’t time to show a true relationship develop. I certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing Willow move on eventually.

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