Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character: Amy Madison


Once again I have left all of you without a post for a week. Because that is what all great writers do. They get lazy and then they come back to a project whenever they are bored or it is insisted upon by a good friend. In this case Trevor James Dobbin. Yes I used his full name. And yes you should look him up on facebook or whatever because the guy is awesome. He is my Tara. But ya know not in a sexual way just kind of a we are awesome friends sort of way. :/

Onto the character hatred. Warning spoilerage aplenty. Amy Madison is a character I had absolutely no problems with until around Season Six. Bitch fucked with my Willow and now she is dead to me. She joined forces with the evil misogynist Warren and created the worst possible team of baddies for Willow to face. HATE THEM SO MUCH. Would it be fair to say that my hatred of Amy and Warren stems from my love of Willow and Tara? Probably. Tara and Willow mean so much to me that my hatred for Amy and Warren would indeed be just as strong.

The biggest problem I have with Amy though is what she did to Willow in Season Seven in the episode The Killer in Me. Also in my opinion the most painful forty minutes in the history of television.

To put it quite simply SHE IS EVIL I HOPE SHE DIES GRRRRRR. Same can be said for Warren. GRRRRRRRR

I liked her better as a rat.

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I live in Harlan Kentucky. The town made famous by the documentary Harlan County U.S.A. and the television show Justified. I feel as though I’m living in a universe where film doesn’t exist in Harlan where my only escape to cinema is through the internet and the one sanctuary Movies to Go. I became a cinephile in 2007 when I was 15. I’m now going on 20. I’ve dedicated these last five years to watching, reading and talking about movies. I write about film on the film website The Corrierino and I would describe my taste as modern romantic. I love all types of films but I tend to gravitate towards the more relationship driven works. I also have a sick love for horror films. I want to someday own an art house cinema. THE END
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1 Response to Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character: Amy Madison

  1. Bri says:

    Ok, take a breath love! But I totally agree with you Amy was an uberbitch, and I also think her motivation was weakly written in The Killer in Me, Joss tsk tsk. But I’d have to say that Kennedy is my most hated female character. I found her ridiculous and annoying and sooo wrong for Willow. I know that Joss was trying to contrast Tara, but I think it was in poor taste for those who loved Tara. The actress who played her was was not strong and the whole relationship seemed forced. My Will deserves better!

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