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Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character: Amy Madison

Once again I have left all of you without a post for a week. Because that is what all great writers do. They get lazy and then they come back to a project whenever they are bored or it is … Continue reading

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Challenge Day 3: Favorite Female Character

  Hello all my faithful readers. First let me just say sorry for not updating as frequently as I would like. I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE BLOGGING WORLD! Yeah probably not true but still laziness is a … Continue reading

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Chance (Amber Benson, 2002)

Faithful readers I bring to you once again an amazing piece of writing. This time around I am giving you all my opinion on Chance. Once again we have an Amber Benson starring role. Thankfully this time around the film … Continue reading

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